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Click on our Pre-Application Form above as a first step in qualifying and searching for Meeker County low-income housing supported by government programs. 


Qualified renters pay approximately 30% of their low monthly income toward their rent. The government programs pay the balance if the total income of the renter meets the government low-income guidelines.  

Submit your Pre-Application Form to us to learn if you may be eligible for government supported low-income housing.


We will help you search for low-income eligible rentals in Meeker County and we will assist you in submitting the formal applications required to obtain a suitable rental.


If no rentals currently meet your needs, we will help you place your name on waiting lists so you will be notified when a rental of your choosing is available.

Click on our Pre-Application Form above to learn more about low-income support programs and to complete the form and submit it to us so we can help you with your rental housing in Meeker County.

                                                                            Karla Lundin

                                        Executive Director                 

                                     Meeker County HRA



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