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                    HOUSING AND REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY                      


Serving affordable housing needs

in Meeker County 





Pre-Application Form


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Click on Pre-Application Form above to learn about low-income rental housing programs in Meeker County and whether you may qualify for them. 


Qualified renters pay approximately 30% of their low monthly income toward their rent. The government programs pay the balance if the total income of the renter meets the government low-income guidelines.  

When you submit your Pre-Application Form online we will respond promptly with an evaluation of your eligibility and we will help you submit a full application for available housing, or place your name on a waiting list.

We are here to serve your affordable housing needs in Meeker County.

                                                                            Karla Lundin

                                        Executive Director                 

                                     Meeker County HRA

                                             Box 277

                                      Dassel, MN 55325






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